Greetings colleagues!


This academic year, we again face many potential attacks on the labor movement and public education.  Teacher union researcher, Nina Bascia, noted that viable teacher unions engage intelligently and respectfully with members always finding ways to maintain the union as the members’ organization.  With our members in mind, I am conducting a dissertation study related to public school teachers’ perceptions of the role of the union in schools today.


Local teacher unions can take on a variety of roles within a school community.  For example, within a school setting, a local teacher union may focus on traditional issues such as salaries and benefits while another local teacher union may emphasize issues such as peer evaluation and professional development.  Local teacher unions do so much more than negotiate contracts; however, this initial study will focus on a narrow set of topics.  With your input, this survey will define whether teacher union members believe a local union must concentrate on traditional items or less traditional items.


Your input is integral to this study!   


To participate in this survey, please click on the link: “Perceptions of the teachers’ union’s role”.  Survey completion should take no more than 15 minutes.  Participation in the survey can be stopped at any point.  All answers will remain confidential with me.  This study is independent of NYSUT.


Finally, if you wish to receive a copy of the final results of the study, please contact me at


Thank you in advance for your help and participation!  I wish you all the best for a successful school year!  I will miss seeing you all at presidents' council!


Cairenn (Kerry) Broderick, Manhattanville College Doctoral student