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"What they wanted"

White Plains Teachers Association MOA

FAQ: APPR for School Counselors

How to include student attendance in your APPR
Many local presidents are asking whether student attendance can be factored into the new teacher evaluations. The answer is yes: Your local and district can negotiate an attendance adjustment into your APPR's local 20 percent. SED guidance indicates that attendance adjustments are allowed, as long as no students are excluded. We've posted advice for local leaders with two options to adjust for student attendance. Keep in mind that SED says districts must have a process in place that accurately collects student attendance data to use in the weighting calculation. Districts must also have a plan in place to improve student attendance.

NYSUT Research also has posted a fact sheet with the state School Counselors Association to clarify APPR requirements for school counselors. As always, contact your labor relations specialist for more information.

Presentation from GA Meeting on 3/26/12



NYSUT (click for web site)
* Q&A on Harris v. Quinn
* NYSUT's statement on Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn

* 2014 Legislative Session Wrap-up

* Legislative Update

* Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California
* Karen's notes: The common denominator is "action"
* We're prepared when a decision is reached in "Harris v.

* Action Center - Evaluate That!

* Campbell Brown:  In Her Own Words
Highlights from NYSUT Leader Briefing of October 3
The latest attack on tenure

NYSUT Defends Tenure
Moratorium Passed Both Houses
Moratorium-Evaluation Safety Net
NYSUT Press Release Re: California decision "meritless"
   assault on workers' rights

Fact Sheet: How to Understand Your Growth Score

Test Guides for English Language Arts and Mathematics

* SED Explanation of Growth Score
* Triborough Amendment strikes a balance that benefits
   New York State

* Resources for Available for Laid-Off Employees
* APPR Regulations and Teacher/Principal Evaluation Legislation

* NYSUT Teacher Evaluation Privacy Law

* What you need to know about SLOs

NYSUT Board passes "no confidence" resolution
* NYSUT calls gov's budget proposal woefully inadequate,
  makes case for $1.9 billion increase in formula school

* Senate Education Committee members grill King over
  Common Core

"Your Approach Has Taken the Joy Out of Teaching"

(from the Three Village Patch)
Commissioner King's visit to Westchester
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Interview with Diane
   Ravitch author of "Reign of Error."

Washington Post, "How New York's education commissioner blew
  it big time - principal

Take action - Ask legislators to hold Commissioner King

Curriculum modules not a mandate
* NYSUT calls for three-year moratorium on high-stakes

Regents relax academic intervention rules, lower cutoff
You received your teacher evaluation rating - now what?
* Engaging parents as active partners
NYSUT Leader Briefing Highlights for September

* The Edge - An open letter about testing: what parents and
   community members need to know

* Petition to Gov. Cuomo to end high stakes testing
Teaching about a tragedy

NYSUT Leader Briefing 11-30-12
* Alert re: Growth Scores, Privacy and Grades 3-8
  Test Guides

NYSUT activists call for privacy for teachers evaluations
* NYSUT demands end to broken testing system
* The Dangers of K-2 High-Stakes Standardized Testing
* Iannuzzi: Shameful tabloids sully evaluation process
* Limiting Public Disclosure of Teacher and Principal Evaluations

* An Open Letter of Concern Regarding High-Stakes Testing
  and the School Reform Agenda of New York State

Kids, not cuts!  National call-in day Feb 7
   Educators: Make a call next Thursday and tell Congress, "Kids,
   not    cuts!" Use the NEA Educator Connector Line at
   866-293-7278 to urge your representatives to protect
   education, Medicaid and Medicare. Here's more info.
* NYSUT to SED: Common Core testing unfair to students
The Edge newsletter for January 2013
* SURVEY: What did you think of the state assessments?

* Iannuzzi: Shameful tabloids sully evaluation process
* In response to Best4NY To the Editor

Information on Tenure and Triborough
Why we defend Triborough
4"Tenure, Triborough Amendment are not all that complex"
4Mythbusters: TheTruth about Tenure

4School Employee Absenteeism - The Misconception
* Throw grenade, walk away
The Edge
  Facebook: A Great Tool When Used Correctly

  Rebuttal - Releasing teacher information is a bad idea
  Editorial - Bill would inhibit accountability
  Bills want teacher evals kept private

LoHud Poll -  Express you thoughts
    Making teacher evaluation public

NY Times
Group Aims to Counter Influence of Teachers' Union
    in New York

AFT - Standards & Assessment
Shift in Culture

NY Times - Teacher's Diary
     Charting the Stages of Teacher Data Report Grief

     Confessions of a 'Bad' Teacher


Washington Post
10-year-old: ‘I want to know why after vacation I have
    to take test after test after test’

NY Times: 
Op-Ed Contributor: Shame Is Not the Solution

By Bill Gates
Publicly ranking teachers by name will not help them get better at their jobs or improve student learning.

Ravitch Says New Evaluation System is 'Madness'

By Mary Ann Giordano
The public schools may be closed all week for February Break, but
critics and other writers are busy examining the new teacher evaluation agreement that was reached last week. Among the critics: Diane Ravitch and The Daily News columnist, Juan Gonzalez.









Articles on Gov. Cuomo and the schools

The NYSTRS Pension Dollar: Who Really Pays?

Prepping Your Professional Self for APPR...Ready or NOt It's Here

What Every NYSUT Member Should Know

Fact Sheet
4Enacted Local Tax Cap Bill

Teaching Standards
New York State Teaching Standards (approved January 2011)

Teacher Evaluation
Teacher and Principal Evaluation Regulations
4Memo from Commissioner on Draft
Summary of Provisions in Draft Regulations

Information on Tenure and Triborough
Why we defend Triborough
4"Tenure, Triborough Amendment are not all that complex"
4Mythbusters: TheTruth about Tenure

4School Employee Absenteeism - The Misconception
Teacher Salaries

4"The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries" (NYT)
4"A New Measure for Classroom Quality" (NYT)
Teacher Pensions
4We've Earned Secure Pensions (neatoday)
Merit Pay
4"What Congress Could Learn in Your Classroom" (neatoday)

Check out and sign the petition from on New York State Regents: End the reliance on high stakes standardized testing



Please call 1-877-255-9417

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A Teacher Appreciation Story


The MTA at Katonah-Lewisboro Rally on 4/26
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The New York State Education Department is seeking public comment on draft Teacher and Principal Evaluation Regulations

NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira is encouraging local leaders and members to provide written comments on the draft regulations recently posted for New York state's new teacher/principal evaluation system. The draft regulations incorporate many recommendations from practitioners on the Regents Task Force, but there are still outstanding issues and questions.

NYSUT is especially concerned with SED's plan to allow school districts the flexibility to use standardized tests as a "locally selected measure" for an additional 20 percent of evaluations. (NYSUT's position is that the locally selected measures need to be authentic assessments, not standardized tests.)

SED is asking for public comments by April 29. NYSUT is urging SED to extend the comment period as it coincides with spring break in many school districts.

Here is a link to the draft regulations and a summary document

Send your comments to
or mail to:

New York State Education Department
Room 11
89 Washington Ave.
Albany, N.Y. 12234.

Please copy Dan Kinley at so NYSUT can compile the
field's comments.

Katonah-Lewisboro Board of Education in process of hiring Paul Kreutzer
(Superintendent of  New Berlin School District in Wisconsin) as their new superintendent

Click here for more information regarding Paul Kreutzer

Katonah-Lewisboro Rally
to protest hiring of Paul Kreutzer

Click here for more information from Marc Laffer, Regional Staff Director of NYSUT

April News Briefs
New York Teacher

As the rich gets richer, the middle class gets poorer
Phil Reisman, The Journal News, April 3, 2011

No Child Left Behind - Football Version
Thread from Internet



15,000 union members rallied in Times Square on Saturday, April 9, 2011
• All sectors of the labor movement stood in solidarity delivering one simple message:  "We Are One-Respect Our Rights"
   • Click HERE for more photos of event

For those of you who missed it, the Celebrating Our Excellence Rally, recently held in Harrison, was well attended, well organized, and inspiring!


February 2010


Subject: NYSUT Rally-March 22
Date: 3/11/11 4:14:37 PM
From: "Marc Laffer" <>
To: "Marc Laffer" <>

Dear Local President,

On Tuesday, March 22nd, many of you will be in Albany for NYSUT's very
important Committee of 100.  While we will certainly make our presence
known inside the capitol on that day, we are also going to make sure
that the legislators and governor hear our message that attacks on
education, health care and public employees are unacceptable!  To
accomplish this, we need more people in Albany.  NYSUT will be holding a
rally at 12 Noon at West Capitol Park.  I recognize the challenge in
getting your members to attend on a work day and we do not want any
problems for our members.  This is a perfect opportunity for our retired
members to participate in an activity.  The Tarrytown Regional Office
will provide buses, leaving at approximately 9AM and returning around
4PM.  Attached is a flyer with information about the rally.  Please
forward this notice to all your members.

Marc Laffer
Regional Staff Director
Tarrytown Regional Office
520 White Plains Rd.  Suite 400
Tarrytown, NY  10591
(914) 592-4411
(914) 345-3302 (fax)


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NYSUT President Richard C. Iannuzzi's Open Letter to the Membership regarding NYS Senate vote of March 1st

January 2010


Click here to view a video on
how to send a fax from the link above


From this month's issue of

Read, "Big spenders fuel anti-union efforts" by Betsy Sandberg



The following excerpts are from the NYSUT Leader Briefing for January 28.  They highlight important issues that all of us should be aware of.  Please take a few minutes to read these items and even participate in the online survey regarding college and career readiness from the NYSED. 

Click this link to read a recent update from Andrew Pallota entitled, "Mobilization activities in the field."  You can also visit the NYSUT Web site for the latest information on these issues and other topics that impact our profession.

  • In addition, we're fighting back on legislative threats to repeal many of our hard-won rights

This legislative session, we're already seeing attacks on Triborough, on tenure and seniority. Public pension plans are under the gun and there is a proposal to create a Tier 6. In partnership with the AFL-CIO and member unions, NYSUT is vigorously defending our positions through lobbying and "earned" media by placing op-eds and doing press interviews.

We all know there are several ill-conceived tax cap proposals in play. Look for op-ed pieces from President Iannuzzi on tax caps, Triborough and education funding in your local papers. On the television show "Working New York," Iannuzzi and AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes talked about attacks on teachers' pensions and benefits, and the ill-conceived property tax cap proposal that would harm public schools and other vital services. If you missed it when it aired, you can see it here and take action here.

  • New York's public pension system: Strongest in the nation

Executive Vice President Andy Pallotta dispels misleading half-truths and delivers the facts on public employee pensions in this op-ed piece from the Albany Times Union. He writes: "The idea that employer pension costs will rise ever upward, never to plateau and eventually decrease - as they have done in the past -- is an exercise in fear --mongering."

The February issue of NYSUT United will feature a detailed look at pensions, as well.

  • Changing graduation requirements: Speak out at Regents forums

NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira is urging teachers, school counselors and other union members to attend and offer the front-line practitioner's point of view at a series of Regents forums being held around the state on whether to change graduation requirements.

The Regents are looking at major changes, including increased requirements, more flexibility in middle-school offerings, allowing online instruction and extending the school day and school year.

The Regents' regional meetings are being held through February from 5:30 to 7 p.m., at a time most educators are able to attend. Here is a schedule. This week, there were forums in the Capital District and western New York. Next week, there will be one in central New York. A North Country forum slated for Jan. 31 will be rescheduled. A link to the Regents plan is posted at NYSUT talking points are posted on Leader Access.

You also may participate in an online survey. The State Education Department has extended the deadline through midnight Feb. 18. We've posted photos and coverage of this week's Capital Region forum.